Adventures in Aries - Year 296 A.K.T. Day 85-86

Apr 1st-2nd – Ranger and Warlock Challenge

As the group set out to find a Warlock for the next challenge, two Warlocks find them. They both explain they are seeking the blood of Garl Glittergold and that the other should not be trusted. One (Wilftz) is working forthe Gloom Court the other (Gremthorm Ashfinger) said he was working for Yeenoghu. A tattoo of Demogorgon proved Gremthorm wrong. But the group couldn't trust the Fey Warlock either. So they interrogate him for more information. They succeed in discovering that he found a Ranger that can help them find a Sea Hag holding Garl's Blood. With information in hand, the group set out to find this Ranger. 

They come across a Ranger named Vukeo "Windcaller" Ugunolake. She questions them about where the Warlocks are and the promise of gold. The group convince her to let her take them across the lake to the Sea Hag for 1000 gold. She then summons a Dragon Turtle named Bowser to ferry them across. As they travel, they are attacked by Sahuagin. The group makes short work of them and then arrive at the Sea Hags island. She is tending to her garden. After some interaction and almost deals made, Namfoodle shoots her. More Sahuagin arrive and attack. But they don't stand a chance. Daryl uses Speak with Dead and convinces her spirit to tell them which vial of 80 is Garl Glittergold's. With it in hand, Eindelle takes the rest to sell. The group then returns to town the next day.

Most of the group goes to the Precinct where the lying warlock is held. They get to talk to him and give him "Garl's" blood to get the Warlock Tokens. The group then decide to take the blood and pour it on the book found in the cleric challenge. It reveals the true words for all to read. Evidently, its discovered that all vial of blood that looked similar to Garl's blood, is the same. Further confusion arises in the group as the conspiracy around Garl Glittergold thickens.


Adventures in Aries - Year 296 A.K.T. Day 84

Mar 28th – Fighter Challenge

The group awake the next day and head to the Fighter's Jousting Arena. Ketnan Lightningcask and his team of Fighters greeted the group warmly and tell them they will shrink down the huge dinosaurs to large for the jousting. The FIghters mount up on their Ankylosaurs and begin.

First up was MOE. He lost his match

Namfoodle is second and wins.

Argus is third and failed.

Eindelle is fourth and wins.

Finally, the tie breaker Moira, secures the win.

They all receive the Fighter's Token.

Adventures in Aries - Year 296 A.K.T. Day 83

Mar 27th – Wizard Challenge

The group head out to the Wizard's Guild to find a wizard to help. They find Fathran Brownmaster, the divination wizard, Toryn, the enchantment wizard, and Gemlyn Bottleminer, the war mage wizard, are busy doing experiments.

Bylandora approaches Toryn for a quest. His quest was to test his enchantment spells on animals. Bylandora instantly declines.

MOE approaches Gemlyn, who is a regular customer of his. They talk about enhancing dinosaurs with gear and magic. They eventually talk about the kobolds waging a war on the town. She's suspicious that something is controlling them. MOE relays this information to the group after they meet a very strange human.

Darryl Flynn introduces himself to the group. Moira is instantly accepting of him, Bylandora is weary, Namfoodle and Eindelle don't really take an interest, and MOE greets him warmly enough.

After the new member joins, Bylandora asks Fathran what his quest is. He wanted to cast divination magic on animals to help predict the future. Bylandora instantly refuses.

So with only one option available, the group helps Gemlyn assault a kobold warren. She buffs their animals with defensive wards as Namfoodle travels inside since he looks like a kobold thanks to the egg he possesses. Once inside he spots a lot of kobolds including the King Kobold holding a large jasper orb as he wears a unique necklace. Inside the orb, he notices Xavius in its center. He leaves to relay the message the group. They tell him to go back inside to get the orb. But when he returns, the kobolds are gone. He is shot from behind with Scorching Rays. Darryl shouts at Namfoodle to provide inspiration. Unfortunately he too is shoot with rays. The battle ensues. Bylandora collapses tunnels, kobold Dragonshields charge the group, kobold Engineers set up catapults, meanwhile the King is nowhere to be found. As the Battle ends, Namfoodle explores the tunnels and discover that the King Kobold's wing was caught on a root and then died from the smoke caused from Namfoodle's fire. He cuts off the King's hand and takes the orb back to the group. They plan on what to do with the orb. They decide to take it back to the wizard's guild for further assistance. Farthran seemed to be the most capable to help. Unfortunately casting prep spells tired him out so he asked the group to come back tomorrow. Namfoodle and Bylandora refused at first until using the Ogre Enforcers as watch dogs was given. An Enforcer arrives to keep watch on the orb as the group is free for downtime activiites.

Adventures in Aries - Year 296 A.K.T. Day 82

Mar 26th – Paladin Challenge

The group set out to find a paladin for the challenge. They find Raennyss Beastmaker who is looking for a new virile male Tyrannosaurus Rex. There was rumor of a new dominant male out in the hills. So the group help track it down. Upon seeing him, they notice that he doesn't notice them. In fact, it appears that he is wounded and a recently dead Tyrannosaurus Rex lays nearby. MOE suggests healing him. So the group approach the male. Namfoodle leads negotiations since he can speak to animals. He successfully convinces the male to return to be healed and be used a breed with females. Raennyss thanks the group and they earn their tokens.

Adventures in Aries - Year 296 A.K.T. Day 80-81

Mar 24th-25th – Cleric and Rogue Challenge

As the group set out to find a Cleric for the Cleric Challenge, two Clerics are seen going up to people asking for help as a shady character follows them. Kondron Opalback is seen wearing a symbol associated with Protecting while Thuknap is seen wearing a symbol associated with a Mad cult. When the Clerics approach the group, its revealed they are seeking for the book on the History of Garl Glittergold, specifically how he trapped the Kobold God. Kondron seemed to be the more trusting of the two, so they side with him. He introduces them to the shady character named Xorick. He knows the location of the library where the book should be held. The group mount up and head towards to the location. Arriving at night, the group first camp out before heading in.

As they enter, they are swarmed by raptors. But not just any raptors, philsoraptors. They question the group and they give answers that seemed to satisfy them. They enter and search the floors of the library. Occasionally, a book searched revealed a transformed Redcap. Luckily the group survived the surprises to find the book on Garl Glittergold. Namfoodle's Truesight reveals that the book is actually an Artificer's Guild Charter by Garl Glittergold. Kondron lets the group keep it since it isn't what he is looking for. The group set out and arrive back in town late at night. They get some downtime in and then go to bed.

Adventures in Aries - Year 296 A.K.T. Day 79

Mar 23rd – Bard Challenge

The group sets out to do the bard challenge. As they approach the bard's college, the oh so familiar scene of two bards bickering over which play to perform is seen. Luzarlun Twilightbender wants to do a play about the Heroic Battles of King Turalyon while Falbit wants to make fun of his leadership. The group chose Luzarlun's play and received the Bard Tokens.

Adventures in Aries - Year 296 A.K.T. Day 77-78

Mar 21-22nd – Sorcerer and Barbarian Challenge

The group wake and discuss what challenge to do next. They decide on the Sorcerer challenge over the Fighter Challenge as they are unsure of the bonds with their Dinosaurs at this time. As they are about to set out the door, they come face to face with First Lieutenant Rake and a sorcerer named Hulgarn. Rake discusses with the group that Hulgarn has been attacked by the local Barabarian Tribe that usually sends one of their clansman for the Barbarian Challenge. He wants the group to help Hulgarn and discover what has happened to the tribe. The group agree to help.

After traveling for several hours they come across Hulgarn's house with the door missing. A quick scan reveals two enemies using as a barricade inside with two more enemies off to the side. The group attack and manage to kill the barbarians one by one. Each time they kill a barbarian, energy is released. Argus managed to get a clear form of the energy as it looked like a Green Hag. Hulgarn thanks the group as Argus confronts him about which Hag he pissed off. Hulgarn is confused and after a few minutes of convincing the group he knows nothing of a Hag with a grudge against him. Instead he does help the group locate the Barbarian Tribe's hill.

After several more hours, they come upon the hill. It is being guarded on its three openings by Ankylosaur Riders. They decide to attack the left side of the hill. Bylandora opens up with a Banishing arrow that gave the group a chance to secure the Barbarian. When the ankylosaur pops back, they dispatch it quickly. They then proceed into the tunnel and are attack by 7 Archers and another Ankylosaur. With careful use of Moira's Sleet Storm and Eindelle's Wall of Fire, the enemies are dispatched by Argus and MOE easily. As the group round the corner, they spot the final grouping of enemies and the Green Hag channeling magic. Inside the magic bubble, most of the group notices a set of Reins and Halter inside. Unsure what to make of it, the group attack the Hag, killing her with ease. With no one channeling the spell, the rest of the barbarian tribe collapsed as they were no longer being mind control.

With some investigating of the Halter and Reins, they are revealed to be the Dwarf Monarch's Mount's equipment. Moira takes possession of the gear. The rest of the group loot the room and camp for the night inside the settlement. Hulgarn explains to any waking barbarians of the events. When the group head out, one member of the tribe accompanies them to Register as a Quest Giver. With Sorcerer and Barbarian tokens now in hand, the group do downtime activities and rest once more.

Adventures in Aries - Year 296 A.K.T. Day 76

Mar 20th – Registration Day and Druid Challenge

The group prepared themselves for the day and headed to the Lightningcask Pavillion to register for the next round of challenges. On their way there, an Earth Genasi became enamored with Namfoodle's construct, Thok. He approached Bylandora believing it belonged to her. That was when Namfoodle opened up the cockpit and revealed himself to be the true owner. As the Earth Genasi, MOE and Namfoodle talked and showed Thok off, a crowd gathered. Among the crowd was Eindelle Stormfist. She too appraoched Bylandora who snapped at her and told she did not make Thok. Eindelle explained she had no interest in the construct and was more interested in joining the group, explaining she was grateful for the group helping Nethun. Moira instantly let her join despite Bylandora's hesitation. To further push her anxiety over new people, Namfoodle invites MOE to the group as well.

The now larger group approach the Pavillion to register. Argus, Bylandora, Eindelle, MOE, and Namfoodle fully participate in the challenge to support Moira.

Argus chooses a Plesiosaurus and names it Fish.

Bylandora chooses a Stegosaurus and names it Tooth.

Eindelle chooses a Quetzalcoatl and names it Petagma.

MOE chooses an Ankylosaur to work with.

Moira chooses a Tyrannosaurus Rex and names it Monarch

Namfoodle chooses his construct Thok since its in the shape of an Allosaurus.

With everything in order, the group set out to do the first challenge, the Druid Challenge. They travel a few hours seeking out the local Druid Circle. They found the Archdruid there and informs them about the Pristine Pelters over hunting the wildlife population. Namfoodle tells her that the leader has been dealt with and wondered if any animal gods were being hunted. None were as much as they were in the mountains. It seems the Pelters in the hills prefer quantity over quality. The Archdruid tell them to locate the wagon they use and take back the animal pelts. She offers the novice Murborra to help the group, which they agree to and have an easier time locating the wagon transporting the pelts.

The group catch the Pelters off guard and nearly decimate them quickly. Seconds later and the group secure the wagon and bring it back. With Druid Tokens in hand, the group return to town.

Adventures in Aries - Year 296 A.K.T. Day 75

Mar 19th – Travel Day 2

The group come across a strange hill. Upon investigating, the hill contains a thundercloud inside it. They make their way in and discover a thunderbird egg incubating inside it. Moira immediately wants it. Bylandora is wary about the egg affecting Moira. But Moira nad Namfoodle reassure her that the egg is safe and most likely the Dwarf Monarch's mount. The group resume traveling and arrive in town.

Adventures in Aries - Year 296 A.K.T. Day 74

Mar 18th – Monk Challenge and Final Day

Moira's aunt Dearnea has offered to give the group Monk Tokens in exchange for escort services to the next town. The group accepts and turn in all 12 LHT tokens in for their Blue Participation Medal.  The group then get 1000 tribute from the following sources:

Grydir Beastmaker – Barbarian Challenge

Yorhana – Bard Challenge

Hurrus Strongbraid Cleric Challenge

Brettin – Druid Challenge (Argus only)

Karnia Lightningcask – Fighter Challenge

Dearnea Bronzebeard – Monk Challenge

Johanna Ashfinger – Paladin Challenge

Delaria Dimbringer – Ranger Challenge

Nassmura Wraithgrog – Rogue Challenge

None – Sorcerer Challenge

None – Warlock Challenge

Yofi – Wizard Challenge (Additional 3000g for helping Belmor Greathand)

After the group get the tribute, they go off on their beasts to the next town. They are encounter by Xavius again. This time a dark aura surrounds him. He is tried of wasting time trying to recruit them, so he sic kobold riders on them. The group dispatches them quickly and proceed to the next town again.


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