Adventures in Aries - Year 296 A.K.T. Day 75

Mar 19th – Travel Day 2

The group come across a strange hill. Upon investigating, the hill contains a thundercloud inside it. They make their way in and discover a thunderbird egg incubating inside it. Moira immediately wants it. Bylandora is wary about the egg affecting Moira. But Moira nad Namfoodle reassure her that the egg is safe and most likely the Dwarf Monarch's mount. The group resume traveling and arrive in town.

Adventures in Aries - Year 296 A.K.T. Day 74

Mar 18th – Monk Challenge and Final Day

Moira's aunt Dearnea has offered to give the group Monk Tokens in exchange for escort services to the next town. The group accepts and turn in all 12 LHT tokens in for their Blue Participation Medal.  The group then get 1000 tribute from the following sources:

Grydir Beastmaker – Barbarian Challenge

Yorhana – Bard Challenge

Hurrus Strongbraid Cleric Challenge

Brettin – Druid Challenge (Argus only)

Karnia Lightningcask – Fighter Challenge

Dearnea Bronzebeard – Monk Challenge

Johanna Ashfinger – Paladin Challenge

Delaria Dimbringer – Ranger Challenge

Nassmura Wraithgrog – Rogue Challenge

None – Sorcerer Challenge

None – Warlock Challenge

Yofi – Wizard Challenge (Additional 3000g for helping Belmor Greathand)

After the group get the tribute, they go off on their beasts to the next town. They are encounter by Xavius again. This time a dark aura surrounds him. He is tried of wasting time trying to recruit them, so he sic kobold riders on them. The group dispatches them quickly and proceed to the next town again.

Adventures in Aries - Year 296 A.K.T. Day 73

Mar 17th – Ranger Challenge

The group head of the tavern and notice Delaria Dimbringer hanging up wanted posters. She needs help clearing out a bog full of Boggles. The group agree to help her. They clear out the bog and earn their Ranger tokens.

Adventures in Aries - Year 296 A.K.T. Day 72

Mar 16th – Sorcerer Challenge

The group is approached by a Hill Dwarf, Dolgarn, and a Rock Gnome, Prixi, to be assisted in recovering an artifact. Dolgarn wants it for a love interest of his while Prixi wants to give it to Turalyon. The group choose Dolgarn.

They find the artifact in a river protected by Mud Mephits and an illusion that makes it seem like its further in the depths than it really is. The group dispatch the mud mephits and recover the brooch. They earn their tokens. Then after an impromptu parade and run in with Xavius, the group survive another day.

Adventures in Aries - Year 296 A.K.T. Day 71

Mar 15th – Fighter Challenge

The group now feeling confident about their bonds with their animals, finally go the Jousting Arena hosted by the Lightningcask clan. LHT's Arena is run by Karnia Lightningcask. She explains the rules, best 2/3 hits wins the round. In case of a tie breaker since there are four combatants, the winners will choose who to break the tie.

Argus, Byalndora, and Namfoodle win their rounds. Moira unfortunately loses her round. Nevertheless, the Fighter Tokens are earned.

Adventures in Aries - Year 296 A.K.T. Day 70

Mar 14th – Paladin Challenge

The group is approached by a paladin by the name of Johanna Ashfinger. She wants to make a great black lion known as Humar her animal steed. The group agree and track down the lion to a cave.

Lionesses and cubs are outside the entrance. The group take out three of the lionesses and leave the pregnant one alive. Namfoodle and Bylandora soar into the cave. Namfoodle being ahead gets ambushed by the black lion Humar. He misses wildly so instead Namfoodle decides to subdue it by wrestling it. Humar does have the strength to pin him to the ground and roar strong. Bylandora seizes the chance to take an Entangling Arrow to the lion. Unfortunately this bolt kills him. Upon closer inspection and using some medical skill, Humar was sick and dying already. Bylandora felt terrible about this despite Johanna telling her that it was alright. After that Johanna went to the pregnant lioness and waited for the new cubs to essentially kidnap them to raise them herself. Argus decides to rescue the other cubs and give them to the Druid Circle. The Paladin Token is earned.

Adventures in Aries - Year 296 A.K.T. Day 67-69

Mar 11-13th – Druid Challenge

The group seek out the local druid circle and find that the Archdruid has tasked Brettin to clear out the Pristine Pelters poaching out near LHT. The group relay that the leader of the Pelters has been dispatched of. She takes the news to heart but there is still the lingering members to deal with. So to shut down their operations, Brettin wants the group to help her recover the furs they have poached. The group agree and locate their hideout.

The group discover four entrances and the enemy sleeping inside. They each decide to take a barrel of the unstable chemicals and roll them into the lair. Each take a shot to explode the containers and thus caving in the hill lair. Of course this made them have to dig out the pelts they were instructed to retrieve. They spend two days digging for the chest with the pelts inside that. With that finally done, the group earn their Druid Tokens.

Adventures in Aries - Year 296 A.K.T. Day 66

Mar 10th – Barbarian Challenge

The group find Grydir Beastmaker and his pet Giant Boar planning an attack against the kobolds. He informs them of their hill warren nearby and believe their king is located there. Crush the king, end the threat. The group doesn't have much of a choice as he is the only barabarian with a quest to give.

The group enter the warrens and take out all opposition and the mind-controlling device. Namfoodle even finds a silver dragon egg, similar to the white one found at the start of this journey.

Adventures in Aries - Year 296 A.K.T. Day 65

Mar 9th – Cleric Challenge

The group search for the cleric to assist. They don't find him in the temple though, instead the one cleric signed up as a quest giver in town runs the library. Hurrus Strongbraid was given the chance to excavate some gnomish ruins in search of the Tale of Garl Glittergold Trapping the Kobold God. The group agree to help him and they proceed.

The find the gnomish library and search in one of the bookshelves. Hurrus grabs the first book and it poofs into a Sprite. His pet Eagle failed to warn him of the dangers. So the group using their animals, search the books. After several minutes, the group find the correct book but it appears to have writing concealed in the text. After several more minutes tying to figure out what to use, the group use a Flame Revealing technique, utilizing hte match they were given. The match instantly sparks aflame before it strikes a surface. They take the flame underneath the pages and reveal the true contents. It is the first script for the Gnome Mage's Guild charter with a picture of two gnomes – one being Garl – and a satyr with the face of Xavius. Throughout the book their is additional writing of comments. It seems Xavius and Garl were arguing and making fun of each other in the margins. Nevertheless, this was not the book Hurrus wanted. He gave them the Cleric Tokens and the group return home.

The group desiring to help Belmor, return to the Wizard's Guild and assist him. Thanks to Argus' prowess, the task was accomplished without trouble.

Adventures in Aries - Year 296 A.K.T. Day 64

Mar 8th – Wizard Challenge

The group search for the Wizard's Guild in town and discover its was quite ratty. Each of the quest givers had altered pets. Yofi had a Rat in the shape of a Giant Wolf Spider. Belmor Greathand had a Rat the size of an Elk. Tordora Dimbringer had a Rat the size of a Goat. So the group approaches each member and asks what their quest is: Tordora wants to summon creatures to help. Namfoodle wanted to know what kind of creatures. After some poor lying, she reveals she's trying to summon fey creatures. Belmor wants to soothe the souls of the dead from the last attacks. Yofi wants to repair the damage to the Arcane Wards in three towers. Between the latter two, the group select Yofi.

They go to the first tower. Namfoodle and Bylandora fly high above. At the top of the tower, they are attacked by 6 Kobold with jasper necklaces that were glowing a darker shade of green. The group land and assist Yofi in repairing the Ward. Luckily the group spot four goblins carrying containers. Namfoodle suspects that its explosive material. This causes Argus to jump from the Tower. Bylandora fearing the worst, tries to shot and an arrow while Namfoodle shots a bullet at the containers. Unfortunately, Argus falls faster than the ammunition and strikes dead center with a destructive wave. This kills the goblins but set off the containers as well, causing massive damage to Argus who barely survives. With the first tower reapired, they proceed to the second tower. Luckily being more prepared, Bylandora and Namfoodle dispatch another 6 kobolds and 4 goblins. Bylandora was quick witted when they approach the third tower and didn't see anyone. She approaches the base of the tower when her sword of warning goes off. Argus and her charge in and dispatch the goblins before a single container explode. The third tower is then repaired and the Wizard Tokens are distributed.

Argus wants the barrels and tries to load them up on his Auroch. She refuses. Using Namfoodle as a translator, they discover that she's not completely bonded to Argus because he was yet to name her. He finally names her Garona. And with that, the group has four unstable containers.


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