The continent of Loral is home to many races. The races that contributed most to its history was the Elven Conclaves in the forests known as Aquila, the Dwarven Clans in the mountains and hills of Aries, the Halfling Shires in the Wetlands that will one day be known as Squalus, the Human Nomadic Tribes in the desert country that will one day be known as Scorpio, and the Orcs that lived in the jungles that nestled in Aquila. Life was normal for each of the countries until about 796 years ago. Gradually over time the bloodlust to kill one another grew. This took the strongest roots in Aquila and Aries. The first declaration of war came from a dwarf who slew an innocent elf for no apparent reason. The elves retaliated by placing bounty rewards for every dwarf head. The dwarves then sent the first wave of many battalions and dared the elves to take their heads. This fighting would go on for nearly three hundred years. Some humans and halflings decided to band together and formed a mercenary force. While under different mercenary company names, the true master of the mercenaries was able to maximize his profits by helping both sides without fear of double-crossing the two major players.

The Dwarves and the Elves seemed to have been in a stalemate until the Orcs joined in the fighting. The former allies were able to push their differences aside and refocus on the enemy that could always bring them together. With their mutual hatred for the orcs and armed with new technologies from the recently discovered Gnomes, this alliance wiped the orcs from the face of Loral. With victory achieved, the dwarves and elves accepted a truce. But this truce was short lived. The Drow of Aquila uncovered the mercenary companies’ true intentions. Using that to their advantage, they hired two companies to attack a dwarf stronghold and an elven grove, all in the name of the opposite factions. The Great War reignited. Realizing it too late, the master of mercenaries disbanded all companies. Thus, only the elves and dwarves were fighting. That was, until the impossible happen.

A blast in the Impassable Mountains destroyed the Throne Room of the Dwarf King. Scouts went in the hole to never reemerge. Instead out poured a Half-Elf followed by unknown creatures and creatures thought to have gone extinct on Loral. The dwarves were outmatched by the agile grace of the Harpies, outmatched by Gnoll's unorthodox fighting style, and completely out of practice to fight the Ogres and Trolls. The Capital of Aries fell to this Monster Hoard. The half-elf then led his troops towards the Great War Front. As the dwarf army weakened, the elves thought they were finally gaining the upper hand. When they spied the monster army for the first time, their hope dashed. The dwarves weren’t retreating, they pulled out their secret army. To make the elves more distraught, they were led by a half-elf. Blaming the potential human side to an elf deceiving them, the elves fought back as hard as they could. But fatigue from fighting dwarves and their own drow brethren, the elf armies failed and were shackled just like the dwarves.

The monster army marched into the wetlands where they paused for several weeks. During this time, some dwarves managed to escape into the desert and besieged the clans to fight against the encroaching tide. The Humans hold a meeting yearly and decided it was best to meet earlier. Normally the tribes wouldn’t cooperate with each other, but in recent years they had established strong healthy trading pacts. This was different though. Could they work together in combat? The Chieftains debated for a few days until a dwarf escapee came forth and pleaded that they work together. Almost ready to dismiss the insolent dwarf, the Chieftains paused a realized a Death Scorpion nestled in his beard. The Death Scorpion was known to struck anything without due cause and its venom so toxic, it could dissolve elephant flesh in minutes. The Chieftains took this as sign that Monte Zuma, the Death God, wanted them to work together. The nine tribes gathered their specialized warriors and prepared for the monster invasion. When they sighted the monster army, they charged without hesitation. Yet it was for naught. Outclassed by this unknown force, the human army failed and were shackled just like the rest of Loral.

Everyone waited for the final verdict. Clearly this half-elf wanted to execute everyone at the same time for some powerful spell or have a massive slave labor force to construct great monuments. The anticipation drove some citizens to near madness. Then they heard the voice of the conqueror:

“I am Tur… King Turalyon! I have come to these lands not as conqueror, but as a messenger for peace! The fighting among you all have made you weak! No more! With my allies, we shall all work as one and build a bright future together!”

295 years from that declaration and the world of Loral looks completely different. The Dwarves proved to be to stubborn in their ideals and rejected the thought of a half-elf ruling over them. In order to gain some compliance for the dwarves to follow the new laws, Turalyon allowed the Dwarf Monarch challenge to continue. Whomever became Dwarf Monarch, he would grant them one law that even he had to obey. The elves have refused to abandon their traditions and are anti-change. The humans on the other hand embraced the change. Their creativity and access to new resources, sky-rocketed their entire country into an industrial revolution that has brought forth new technologies that rivals the ingenuity of the gnomes. Shunned by the elves and dwarves for not fighting back, the halflings continue to work with humans and have changed their country’s way of life as well.

The 296th year of the Unification is approaching and many settlements are preparing for the celebrations. One settlement is chosen a year to have a greater celebration than the others. The town selected was the dwarf settlement: The Right Horn's Tip. A group of adventurers helped guide potential Monarch contestant Moira Bronzebeard and Dagran Thaurissian. Favoring Moira, they were on track to promote a Monarch that would work with Turalyon in advancing society. Instead, fey interference from an organization called Father's Fury, infected Moira. When Moira completed every obstacle, the leaders of Father's Fury took over and declared her law to banish Turalyon and anything he owns from Aries. Thus, Turalyon lost his first country to invading forces.

The 297th year of the Unification is approaching and many settlements are preparing for the celebrations. This year, The Tail of Aquila was chosen. Its nickname is the Forging City and Turalyon chose this settlement to promote that the bonds of Loral must be forged stronger to prevent another Aries.


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