The continent of Loral is home to the Elven Conclaves in the North, the Dwarven Clans in the West, the Halfling Shires in the East, and the  Human Nomadic Tribes in the South. The dwarves, elves, and Orcs were locked into a three way war until the orcs forced the dwarves and elves into an Alliance. Armed with technologies provided by newcomers, the Gnomes, the Alliance was able to wipe out the orcs from Loral. It wasn’t long until the dwarves and elves started warring with each other again. The dwarves felt confident about victory since the high and wood elves were fighting the drow. That was, until the impossible happened.

There was a blast in the Impassable Mountains and outpoured a hoard of Gnolls, Harpies, Ogres, and Trolls led by a Half-Elf right into the Dwarf Throne Room. The dwarf clans were the first to be conquered, completely caught off guard by the invasion and at half strength due to their current war with the elves. By the time word reached the front, the Monster Hoard was already marching for the elven forests. Also fatigued from two fronts, the wood and high elves fell. The drow thought they were safe underground, but it wasn’t long until the invading army “unearthed” them. The Half-Elf continued his conquest into the Wetlands where the Halflings resided. It was a swift victory and no damage came to the lands. Dwarves and elves that survived this conquest believe the Halflings surrendered without a fight and consider them less of a race. The last remaining lands unconquered were the Deserts where the Nomadic humans lived. Some dwarves managed to escape into human leads and began warning the humans of the incoming threat. It was the first time the tribes united under one banner to fight for a common cause. Yet it wasn’t enough. The humans still fell swiftly. But even so, the surviving humans would spread the stories of how joyous of a moment it was for all the tribes coming together and working as one.

The races of Loral were defeated and they waited for their final verdict. The Half-Elf spoke with a booming voice that was heard throughout the entire continent. He spoke: “I am King Turalyon. From this day forth, you are under my command. Your individuality will remain intact, but you will be united. Petty disputes will not be tolerated. From this day forth, we build a future together.”

Thus, for 295 years, the nations of Loral worked as one. The 296th year of the Unification is approaching and many settlements are preparing for the celebrations. One settlement is chosen a year to have a greater celebration than the others.


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